DNS Website Information
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In order for us to completely customize your Resort Pro Website we will need to update your website's DNS information or if you don't have a website yet, you will need to purchase a domain. We find that GoDaddy is easiest to work with.

There are 2 ways to update this information:

  1. Grant us access to your website host: We can log in as you or you can add us as an Admin User to your account and we will update the server information for you.

    • Add us as users- Please add us using the email Resortsupport@dumpling.us

      1. Squarespace- invite collaborator info. Add us as admin

      2. Google Domains- add a Google user. Add us as admin

      3. GoDaddy- Add us as Account Administrator and then be sure to grant the Administrator access

      4. Wordpress- Contact us for more information

      5. Other- Please check your webhost’s documentation and add us to your account as a user that can access and change DNS information

    • Give us your login and password

      1. You can change your login credentials to a temporary password before you send us the info. We will let you know once we are done and you will be able to change your password again.

  2. Update the details yourself: If you would prefer to change this yourself, you will need to change your Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 (nameserver.example.com) to our server information. Please contact us for your new Nameserver information and follow the detailed directions below for your host.

    • WordPress- Contact us for more information

    • Other- Please check your webhost’s documentation for DNS nameserver editing information

If you have a functioning website now, we will not complete the switch over until you have signed off on the new website!

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