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(Q) What should I do if my client's Credit Card is declined when completing their order?

(A) An email is sent to your customer (You are CC'd) notifying them that their credit card was declined with a link to add a new card for payment.

We suggest reaching out to let them know to review their email and reach out to you once they have updated their card so you can attempt to charge again.

If you are still getting a decline after they have updated their payment, please reach out to the Message Center by selecting "Client Invoicing" to receive Immediate Assistance.

(Q) How do I issue a partial or full refund?

(A) We have a few different ways to handle this depending on the scenario:

  1. If the order is still open and you used using your own credit card for purchases, simply adjust the amount of the transaction on the invoice before you close the order.

  2. If the order is still open and you are using the Dumpling Boss Credit Card, request Immediate Assistance in the Message Center and provide a picture of the return receipt before you close the order.

  3. If the order is closed, use the message center in the Boss App. Select “Return or Refund” and provide us the amount to return to the customer and the order ID.

(Q) How do I add an additional charge to an order I have already closed?

(A) At this time, to do this we must re-open the order and refund the original charge. You can then add-on the additional purchase to the invoice and re-charge the client at the correct price. Please use the Message Center to write in and ask Immediate Assistance Support Person to reopen your order and refund the original charge.

(Q) When is Dumpling Support Available?

(A) We have support available through the Message Center 7 days a week from 5 AM to 9 PM PST. We are only closed on Christmas Day (and even then, someone’s still keeping their eye on the messages 🎅 )

(Q) How do I request changes to my website?

(A) Write into the Message Center and Select “Website Edits”

(Q) I want to update my Service/Delivery Fees. How do I do that?

(A) To update the price in your app that charges your clients as well as the price listed on your website please write into the message center under Website Edits.

(Q) My customer is having trouble checking out on my website. What should I do?

(A) Use the message center to for Immediate Support. We can look into what the issue is and help!

(Q) We are closed for the off-season. How do I close those dates so customers cannot place an order while we are closed?

(A) You can write into the Message Center under Websites Edits with the exact dates and we will close them off. Please let us know if you’d like to include a message about being closed during the off-season as well.

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