Resort Pro: Boss App Setup

5 Steps to Get Started!

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As a Resort Pro Subscriber, you will only need to complete a portion of the Boss App setup since your customers will be ordering via your website.

Just so you know – completing the items below will allow us to process your payments and allow your clients to edit their orders before the delivery date, if you choose to give them the option.

Watch this video for step-by-step directions

or follow the written directions listed belowπŸ‘‡

Only complete the steps listed below!

1. Download the App and Log in

  1. Download the Dumpling Boss app from the Google Play or iPhone App Store.

2. Log In:

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, you will log in using the same phone number you used when signing up for your Dumpling account.

  2. The Boss app will send you a four-digit verification code the first time you log in.

3. Verify Your Identity & Add Direct Deposit Info

Let's verify your Identity and add your Direct Deposit information.

  1. From the business tab, select Identity & Direct Deposit.

  2. In the new pop-up box, select β€˜Open in Browser’ and enter all the required details in the new Secure browser screen..

  3. Once the fields are completed, a summary of your entered information will appear. Click on the edit icon if you need to change anything.

  4. Once the information looks correct, click β€˜Agree & Submit’.

4. Update Your Business Profile

  1. From the Business Tab, click on the picture icon in the upper left corner to add your own profile image. Be sure to Save!

  2. Select 'Business Profile'.

  3. Add your Business Name.

  4. Add the Display Name for your business.

  5. In this section, you will add the details of the areas you serve by entering the Area Name, Delivery Radius, Home Zip Code, and 'Add' your Delivery Zip Codes. Be sure to tap 'Done' when all information has been entered.

5. Request Your Boss Card

  • In the Business tab select Dumpling Boss Card.

  • Enter the required Shipping information and select Request. Enter a physical address only in this field, P.O. Boxes are not allowed.

  • Congratulations, your card should arrive in 7-10 days!

Remember, using the Boss card for funding is optional but is required to activate your Dumpling account. Don't forget to activate your Boss card when you receive it!

Important Note

Due to the nature of your Resort Pro subscription, please DO NOT change the following in the Boss App:

  1. Stores & Services- Includes Pricing.

  2. Schedule.

  3. Reviews.

  4. Business Plan- Includes your Dumpling Subscription Plan.

  5. Website Sharing & Marketing- You will not use these since you will be provided with a custom website that has ordering capabilities.

Click below to learn how to use the Boss App to review client and order details, delivery instructions, and invoice your clients.

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